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Beginning October 14th, 2016, Peak Property Management will be open Monday thru Thursday 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. Plan accordingly for paying rent!!The after-hours answering service will forward any emergency calls to the on-call technician.



Lease:A lease, often referred to as a rental agreement or rental contract, is a legal contract allowing a person or persons possession of another person’s property for a specific time in return for a payment.  A lease can be a very complex, voluminous document or it can be a simple one...

Moving In

Moving In:

After reading, understanding and signing the lease, the next step isto move into your new space.  The firstthing that needs to be done is to fill out the property inspection report, orcondition of premise (COP).  The COP isthe document by which the property will be judged when you move out.  Therefore,...


BVMHP CCR May 2017


Maintenance:All property, whether residential or commercial will require maintenance. Gutters leak, water heaters fail, furnace filters get clogged, pipes break, grass grows and snow falls. All of these items need attention and it is up to the tenant to report any adverse conditions to the landlord or management company....

Living in the Property

Responsible Living

Living in the Property:Renting a property is a privilege and every property should be treated with respect and care. Often times, tenants lose sight of the fact that the roof over their head has been provided by a real person. The property owner has purchased the property as an...

Moving Out

Moving Out

Moving Out:When the time comes to move out of your rental property, a myriad of things need to happen, requiring a coordinated effort among all those involved.First, you need to give the required notice, which is typically 30 days. If you are moving out prior to the end of the...

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  1. Choose roommates carefully.
  2. Be thorough when completing COP.
  3. Be good neighbors.
  4. Protect the property- protect your credit.
  5. Read the lease.
  6. Report any problems promptly.

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