How to Advertise Your Bozeman Rental Property

A strategic advertising plan will help you get your Bozeman rental property leased to qualified tenants quickly. It’s important to understand that almost all prospective tenants are looking for their next home online. You need to focus your advertising online, using all the popular rental sites. You also need a listing that stands out.

As professional Bozeman property managers, we advertise a lot of rental homes. Some of the things we pay attention to are details you might not have thought of on your own. Make sure you follow these tips when you’re advertising and marketing your property.

Provide an Outstanding Bozeman Property

One of the most common mistakes we see landlords make is creating a listing and immediately showing the property without even preparing it for the market. You want to create a favorable first impression for your rental home, so put some effort into cleaning and preparing the property after each move-out. Make sure everything is repaired and functional. You don’t want to show a home that has toilets that aren’t flushing or doors that aren’t locking. Spend some time getting the property rent ready for your future tenants.

Before advertising, cleaning the property thoroughly should be done before even considering tp list it online. Have it cleaned professionally and pay attention to every detail. Dust the ceiling fans and clean the crumbs and messes behind appliances. Advertising requires a picture-perfect property.

Take High-Quality Photos of Your Property

Photos of your rental property are critical because they are the first thing that most prospective tenants will look at when they see your listing. Sure, they’ll want to know whether your rent is in their budget and if you allow pets. But, those things are secondary to what your pictures show. Prospective tenants are going to spend most of their time scrolling through your photos. So, you want to make those pictures count.

Pay attention to things such as lighting and framing of each photo. You want as much natural light as possible coming in through doors and windows. Turn on the lights before you take photos. Use the best angles so you can really give people a sense of how large the rooms are. Take photos of the inside and outside of the home, and include pictures of any outdoor space. Some landlords even create walk-thru videos to help prospective tenants get a feel of the property. Which is especially important during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Describing Your Rental Property

To accompany your photos, you need a detailed description that entices your prospective tenants. It’s important to accurately portray the property and also to highlight all its advantages. Your description needs to set it apart from the competition.

But make sure you’re providing all the necessary information. Use adjectives that tenants will connect with. Include details that make a difference, such as hardwood floors, new appliances, extra closet space, or private parking.

Advertise While You’re Showing

The final part of your advertising plan needs to be showings.

Be responsive to prospective residents who want to see or have questions about the rental. Self-showings are a great way to help show your rental, especially during a pandemic where people prefer contactless leasing experiences. Just make sure you’re available to answer questions or ask for feedback. Provide prospective tenants with a list of things not to miss if they’re seeing the property without you. If you are there during the showing, point out all the best features of the rental property.

These are a few rental property advertising tips that we believe help us attract and place qualified tenants quickly. If you need help advertising your rental or you’re looking for a great Bozeman property management company to take care of the leasing process for you, we can help. Contact our talented team at Peak Property Management.