All of our properties, whether residential or commercial will require maintenance. Gutters leak, water heaters fail, furnace filters get clogged, pipes break and burst, grass grows and snow falls. All of these items need attention and it is up to the tenant to report any adverse conditions to the landlord or management company. Mowing the lawn and/or shoveling snow may be the responsibility of the tenant, but replacing a water heater is not and should not be attempted by a tenant.

We discourage tenants from performing any maintenance themselves on the property. First and foremost, they generally do not have liability insurance to cover any damage they may cause and they generally do not have the necessary skills to solve the problem and can often make it worse. As soon as someone attempts to correct a problem, they have become part of the equation and therefore expose themselves to liability that would not be there if they simply report a problem. If you're unsure, please contact us with questions.