Conducting Rental Property Showings and Inspections During Covid-19 in Montana

Rental inspections are part of the leasing and management process for your rental home, and they’re an important tool in detecting necessary maintenance and ensuring your residents are following the terms of the lease agreement. As a Bozeman property management company, we generally recommend inspecting your home before a tenant moves in, after a tenant moves out, and at least once during the lease period.

Things are a bit different now. With the country still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, conducting inspections requires extra care, several new precautions, and the use of technology. There are some things you can do to safely inspect your rental property during this ongoing pandemic.

Showing Occupied Units

Balancing the needs of current tenants, who have given their notice to move out, and the needs of the property owner for getting their rental property re-rented is very difficult under normal circumstances and nearly impossible during the Covid-19 situation. It is a requirement for new tenants to see a property before signing a lease. Peak Property Management has instituted a policy that requires a potential tenant to have an approved application in place before they will be allowed to view an occupied unit. Also, only one approved applicant is allowed in the property at a time. This is to keep the foot traffic through occupied units to a minimum.

While there is no perfect solution, we have attempted to be respectful to all involved, while still attempting to provide quality housing to the residents of Bozeman.

Bozeman Property Management Inspections During a Tenancy

When you’re inspecting a property with a tenant in place, extra care needs to be taken. Many tenants may not feel comfortable with having someone inside the home, and you’ll have to balance your need to see the property with your tenant’s safety and peace of mind. This is something to take seriously. If your tenants are truly resistant to having anyone inside the home because of potential virus exposure, be creative. Ask them to take a video of the home’s condition. Walk through the house with them on Facetime, Zoom, or Skype. Respect their need for a contactless inspection experience.

If your tenants are willing to let you into the home, wear a mask and gloves. Sanitize your hands before and after you inspect, and give them the option to be out of the house while you’re inside. Only touch what you absolutely have to. Be quick, make your notes, and take your videos.

Keeping Your Bozeman Property Well-Maintained

Whether it’s for inspection purposes or as a maintenance response, every vendor and contractor you work with will have a different way of handling your property during the pandemic. Some may not be willing to go in at all unless it’s an emergency.

Let your residents know that you still want to be informed when something is broken or needs maintenance. You don’t want to create a long list of deferred issues. Prioritize what needs immediate action, and decide how to handle those issues that are not urgent.

We know this is a complicated situation, and we’re here to provide any of the support and resources you may need. Contact us at Peak Property Management for all of your Bozeman property management questions.