Moving In

After reading, understanding and signing the lease, the next step isto move into your new space.  The firstthing that needs to be done is to fill out the property inspection report, orcondition of premise (COP).  The COP isthe document by which the property will be judged when you move out.  Therefore, it is imperative that extreme careand attention be paid to the COP during the completion.  YOU CANNOT BE TOO THOROUGH!!!  Take pictures, take a video, do whatever youhave to do to document the condition of the property when you move in.
There seems to be a misconception surrounding security deposits andthe tendency for tenants to receive less than the full amount of their securitydeposit upon moving out.  The singlebiggest reason for tenants to receive less than the full amount of theirsecurity deposit is failing to complete the COP thoroughly.  The other big reasons are failure to clean,unpaid rent and unpaid utilities.

Since we have never had a tenant cause any damage to a property and weknow this to be true because they all say, “It was like that when we movedin!”, it is our goal to get the message to all potential tenants to be diligentwith the COP to avoid be held responsible for the carelessness of others.